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Short Story: Excellent. Highly Recommend! Long Story: My 2003 Venture (267K miles) overheated on the way to Fort Wayne. Based upon coolant distribution in engine, and steam-out location, I suspected stuck thermostat and blown hose. There was no coolant in the oil. I was able to find water and limp it to Gas City Chevrolet. They agreed with stuck thermostat but said the rear manifold gasket was blown, and speculated maybe the head gasket too. Their schedule was 4 days out, so I said I'd let them know. Should a car with that many miles receive expensive gasket(s) replacement? Online video showed a very difficult thermostat replacement, not a job for street side far from home. My decision was to buy a can of bars leaks gasket sealer and find a different shop for the thermostat replacement. Searching the net revealed Behr Repair nearby. What they found was neither a blown gasket nor a blown hose. It was a fractured fitting where heater hose goes through firewall. With an estimate 70% lower, and no need for gasket sealer in the coolant, I was thrilled to let them do the repair. Now, a month later, it's still running cool and I am fully satisfied with the quality of work and friendly service. I only wish we lived 50 miles closer, so we could use Behr Repair for all our service needs. Thanks guys!


Came in for ducktail and my car broke down. Wanted it fixed before ducktail, they got me right in and had it fixed the next day. Great Service and Great employees! Very happy with everything done.


Great Service!

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